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Who am i?

on October 3, 2014

Who am I?

That is a question I have asked myself since primary school and I am still looking for the answer.

I know who I want to be – a Proverbs 31 wife, mother and friend; a loving wife; a positive role model; a wise parent; a dutiful daughter; an amazing aunt; the favourite sister (being the only one, I think I hold the title); the hostess with the ‘mostest’; a friend for all seasons; a Master chef; the best employee – you get the idea. I aspire to be perfect in all areas, the best of the best, someone others will look up to.

But the question was “who am I?”

The reality of who I am is – I am a a child of the one true God; a stay at home mum of three teenagers with a husband who travels away for work; I yell at the children; sleep through my alarm; run out of milk; don’t call my parents, brothers or aunts regularly; haven’t been able to find a job; always undercook the roast and am very aware of my shortcoming and failings by comparing myself to all my perfect friends.

I consider myself to be spontaneous, outgoing, loving, encouraging, supportive, thoughtful, creative. I enjoy scrap booking, puzzles, reading, writing, listening to music that I can sing and dance to (neither of which I do well …lol!), and cooking for my family and others.

In my heart I want to live my life with purpose, make a difference, change the world.

I will listen to my heart.

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