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Giving hugs from my heart

on October 14, 2014

I love teddy bears. There is something about hugging a fluffy, stuffed toy that brings happiness to my heart.

I love my children. With three teenagers, (two boys, 1 girl in the middle) I treasure each spontaneous show of affection that comes my way because we all know how uncool it is to still kiss and hug your mum !  LOL! Their hugs, kisses and knuckle punches brings sunshine to my heart.

I love my husband. As a newly wed, being held in my husband’s arms was the safest, warmest place to be. No matter how harsh the world seemed, I could breathe out and relax with his arms around me. It brought comfort to my heart.

I love my friends. Whether it’s been a day or a year since we’ve seem each other, hugs are the best way to say “I’m so glad to see you.” It brings life to my heart.

Even an arm around the shoulders of a stranger when they need comfort or understanding, is a hug worth giving from the heart.

Does someone you know need a hug today? Maybe it’s you.

Consider this a virtual hug from me to you  {{ hugs }}

Let us give with our hearts.

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