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Thursday's Child has far to go

What does my heart see?

on October 16, 2014

My husband is away with work, meaning my responsibilities at home increase as I become a single parent for a time. I sometimes feel so overwhelmed I want to shut myself away from all that is going on around me. (I have been known to throw the occasional ‘pity party for one’ – lol!)

I have two friends who have been in and out of hospital, juggling family, work commitments and their health. For both these ladies, their health issues have been long-term and ongoing.  They ARE single mums, their selflessness and love constantly inspire me.

My temporary situation pales into insignificance when I see all they do, all they are, all they are achieving for their families and my heart swells with admiration for them. I wonder how they do it!

What I see is a motivation that comes from their heart. They choose what’s best for their children, their situation, their lives and they pursue it. They are unwavering in their pursuit of the best they can be, the best they can provide and the best for those they love.

I count only one parent in these two families and yet I see an abundance of love, goodness, patience and faithfulness, greater than I see in my own home.

I need to see with new eyes – re-focus, re-prioritise, re-new my mind, my spirit and my heart.

I want to see with my heart.


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