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A hard heart

on October 18, 2014

It would be easy sometimes to bundle up the pain and the hurt, build a wall around my heart and never let anyone in.

Words thrown around like darts, striking sharp pain in my heart. I don’t want to feel the hurt anymore so I “keep a stiff upper lip, develop a thick skin, turn the other cheek”. Before you know it, my heart is hard, immovable, unable to share or experience love and I am alone.

Being alone is different from being lonely. One is where you push others away, the other is when you feel pushed away by others. Both can bring a hardness to the heart. People with hard hearts don’t want to be reached, who don’t want to be loved. They’ve been hurt so much they can’t bear to let anyone else into their heart anymore.

Hard hearts are not always easy to see. It can be disguised as apathy, aloofness, arrogance – just to name a few examples.

People with hard hearts need love the most, need much love – a love with grace, a love with hope, a love with truth.

What I can do, I will try to do.

I will see with my heart.

2 responses to “A hard heart

  1. I’m trying to stay soft. It’s only easy in soft places.

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