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Writing on my heart – with a chisel

on October 30, 2014

Sometimes my heart feels hard and cold. If it stays that way it could protect me from the hurt and the pain….. but it doesn’t.

I can’t live with a heart of stone. It weighs heavily on my chest, making it hard for me to breathe, making it hard for me to speak, making it hard for me to move, making it hard for me to love, making it hard for me to live.

Has your heart felt heavy like that? My heart has.

I’ve been overwhelmed with life and adult responsibilities, pained by the words and actions of others, struggling to keep my head above water, hardening my heart to the plight of those around me while I try to deny my own problems.

How do you write on a heart of stone? The first thing I think of is with  a hammer and chisel (ala Fred Flintstone).

What should I chisel on my heart of stone? Words of truth, affirmation, encouragement, peace and strength for the moment.

Lies, words of criticism and other negative thoughts need to be removed. The most permanent way to delete these words is by breaking the stone that has become your heart.

How do you change a heart of stone?

Allow God to write on your heart.



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