Thoughts from Thursday's Child

Thursday's Child has far to go

Thursday is on my mind ….


It’s not quite the weekend yet but we are well into the week by the time we realise it’s Thursday.

Do you feel like you live in a Thursday mindset? You’ve come a long way in your life but you still have a way to go to reach your goal, your dream, your ‘ideal’ life?

I recently completed an undergraduate course in jouralism. It was a steep learning curve for me to do something for myself while juggling the balls of marriage, parenthood, work and life.

Now comes the evolution of Thursday’s Child where I hope you will help me develop my writing skills. I want to say what I mean, mean what I say, and share it with others, offering encouragement, invite discussion and change my world, one word, one thought at a time.

My heart is still beating – can you hear it?


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Moving on …..

What started out as a challenge for 31 days flowed and grew – now the momentum has ebbed and waned.

Where do we go from here?

My heart is still beating.

My heart still wants to be heard.

I am still listening to my heart.

Will you continue the journey with me?

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