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A purposeful heart in relationships … step 1

I want to MAKE a difference.

I want to BE different.

If I won’t change then things won’t change.

Jon Acuff and his plan for “30 Days of Hustle” were the door I walked  through in January 2014 to a new outlook, a new purpose and a new heart.

My hustle for the first 30 days was to purposefully build stronger relationships with those around me and those I’d like to get to know better.

The first relationship I wanted to focus on was my time with God.

I have lived a life knowing Jesus in a personal way since my teenaged years. My side of our relationship has, at times, been shallow and flawed but I am so grateful for His faithfulness, Hs love, His grace and His forgiveness. I am not perfect and I don’t expect to be but my heart’s desire, whatever I did, was to live a life with meaning and purpose, following His way.

By nature I am a night owl, I love staying up late. Going to bed later than 1am is normal, going to bed at 9.30pm is not. When it came to focusing on a more purposeful relationship with God this was the main thing I decided I needed to change. My alarm was set for 5.15am each morning and, when it went off, hitting the snooze button was not an option (okay, so the alarm was set on my mobile phone and I didn’t know there was a snooze option …. zzzzzzzzzz)

What better way to start each day than spending time with a Heavenly Father who died for me because of His great love for me – what more powerful example of a purposeful relationship could I have than this?

I learnt I could be disciplined and make a difference in my own life.The more time I spend reading His word, journaling, praying and listening for His voice, the stronger I grow in my faith. The stronger I grow in my faith, the more my heart wants to share meaningful relationships with others, to make a difference, to be different.

I will listen to my heart.





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