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Thursday's Child has far to go

It’s all about the faith …

Life is busy, the school year is coming to a close and, with three teenagers it means lots of break up parties, Christmas activities and shopping. I volunteered to participate in the planning of a few of these things so I feel like I’m getting lost in the craziness of it all, searching for a quiet place to hide and regroup.

My mornings start in a quiet time with God but sometimes I wonder if He’s made it to our appointment. Do you know that feeling? When my life gets busy, does God check out of the chaos and leave me to it? When disaster hits, I scream out to Him for help, why does He take His time responding?

Isaiah 8 v 17 (GNT) The Lord has hidden Himself ….but I will trust Him.

As a parent of teenagers, I can’t hover over them, wrap them in cotton wool or lock them in their bedrooms until they graduate (that is so going to be another post …lol!) but my presence is there, they know I am there and, when they need me – I am there.

As my parent, God is there, I know He is there (He’s promised to ‘never leave me or forsake me’ – Joshua 1 v 5 NIV ) His heart is still beating with a love for me, my heart can beat with a hope and a trust in Him.

It’s all about the faith …..

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Thursday is on my mind ….


It’s not quite the weekend yet but we are well into the week by the time we realise it’s Thursday.

Do you feel like you live in a Thursday mindset? You’ve come a long way in your life but you still have a way to go to reach your goal, your dream, your ‘ideal’ life?

I recently completed an undergraduate course in jouralism. It was a steep learning curve for me to do something for myself while juggling the balls of marriage, parenthood, work and life.

Now comes the evolution of Thursday’s Child where I hope you will help me develop my writing skills. I want to say what I mean, mean what I say, and share it with others, offering encouragement, invite discussion and change my world, one word, one thought at a time.

My heart is still beating – can you hear it?


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Moving on …..

What started out as a challenge for 31 days flowed and grew – now the momentum has ebbed and waned.

Where do we go from here?

My heart is still beating.

My heart still wants to be heard.

I am still listening to my heart.

Will you continue the journey with me?

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Writing on my heart … in ink

Psalm 40:8 “I take joy in doing your will, my God, for your instructions are written on my heart.”

I know quite a few people with tattoos. It’s an art form nowadays, no longer a sign of rebellion and non-conformity.

Bank tellers, police officers, school teachers, nurses, bikers, athletes, grandmas – I am sure someone you know has at least one tattoo.

Have you ever thought about getting one?

I have.

An everlasting inked reminder of something significant in my life with words like ‘Carpe Diem’ or a favourite scripture verse.

Tattoos are a permanent display based on a momentary quick thought.

I think too much which is probably why I haven’t made it inside a tattoo parlour yet. LOL!

I have the tattoo picked out, I just don’t know where to have it placed. I want to be able to hide it at work but be able to see it for myself.

There are some permanent words emblazoned on my heart.

Some have been harshly spoken and have become part of who I am, others are fresh and permanent. I am holding onto them in my heart to last me a life time of good memories.

I don’t want to erase them.

I don’t want them to fade.

I have them inked on my heart as a constant reminder of people I love and who love me, of grace, of hope and of a future.

What would you write on your heart as a tattoo?

Allow God to write His instructions on your heart.


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Writing on my heart … in pen

Psalm 40:8 “I take joy in doing your will, my God, for your instructions are written on my heart.”

I love writing with pen and paper. Something about letting thoughts flow onto a page rather than a computer screen makes me feel connected to the words.

And birthday cards – few people post cards these days because you can send an all singing, all dancing, lights flashing card in an email.

Post-it notes have a special place in our family. I leave messages on the bathroom mirror, in lunch boxes and on the fridge, flourishing my black pen with flair and style.

At least, I did until the children commented that they couldn’t read my writing! Cursive is no longer a style of writing they are taught in school…huh???

With the speed and immediacy of social media and text messages, are we missing out on the intimacy of a handwritten note? And where does that leave my black pen?

Love letters, birthday greetings, my diary, advice to my child, encouragement for a friend, shopping and to-do lists – these flow from my pen onto greeting cards, notepaper, blue lined journals, the back of envelopes.

The permanency of words written with a pen on paper speak to my heart, my mind and my spirit, helping me recall special memories of loved ones, shared celebrations, memorable family gatherings. They don’t fade with time, I can re-read them often and share them with others.

I have kept countless cards and letters sent to me from grandparents, parents and friends over the years as a record of their writing, personal messages that touch my heart and bring me joy.

What joy has been written on your heart in pen? Are you sharing special moments and memories with others that leave an imprint on their hearts?

Allow God to write His instructions on your heart.

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Writing on my heart … in pencil

Psalm 40:8 “I take joy in doing your will, my God, for your instructions are written on my heart.”

I love doing puzzles like cryptic crosswords, regular crosswords, word searches and Sudoku.

My 12-year-old son asked to do some of my Sudoku puzzles the other day but decided he needed to complete them in pencil in case he made a mistake.

This may not come as a revelation to many people but he surprised me with his logic. Up until that point I have always done my puzzles with a pen. I hadn’t given any thought to what I would do if I’d made a mistake.

When you write in pencil it is easy to rub it out, erase the mistake.

Have you ever made a mistake you wish you could erase?

Of course not! I’m the only one who would ever want to do that …lol!

What is written on your heart that you wish you could erase?

Harsh words, lies, bitterness – you can erase these.

Forgive the one who wrote on your heart with that hurtful pencil.

Clean the slate.

Erase those words from your heart.

Make room for new words to be written there – words of joy, peace, contentment.

Allow God to write on your heart.


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Take heart for I have overcome the world …

John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (NIV)

Do any of us ever really go looking for trouble?

My 12 year old son would roll his eyes at me for that statement …”Oh.mum! I wasn’t looking for trouble, it just sort of followed me home …”

Financial troubles, relationship troubles, parenting troubles, work troubles – trouble seems to find me when I’m not looking for it. And I feel my heart tighten, crushed, overwhelmed. I wonder if I will ever see light at the end of the tunnel, an end to this trouble I find myself in.

It’s His peace that I need to find a place for in my heart – the calm in the storm, the green pasture, the cool water to rest beside.

He’s given me fair warning that life was going to be like this, there will be times of trouble (please, let them be short times and not weeks or months …) but there is a sense of relief some days when I realise I don’t have to do it on my own, all alone, by myself.

I can take my heart to Him, take my trouble to Him and have peace. I don’t need to go searching for His peace, I can just have it. It’s there waiting for me already. I just need to take my heart to that place where He has overcome the world and there is His peace.

I will have peace in my heart.



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A happy heart

Proverbs 17:22 Amplified Bible (AMP)  A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing,

but a broken spirit dries up the bones.

The Bible also describes the heart as ‘cheerful’, ‘glad’ or ‘merry’. Suffice to say, it’s when we feel good – better than good, we feel great!

Do you recognise when your heart is happy? Does your heart forget to find joy within itself? Is your body struggling with a heart being pulled under by heaviness?

What does your heart need to see for you to feel glad?

Reading ‘A Thousand Gifts’ by Ann Voskamp was a gentle reminder to me to find joy in the journey, live a life of thanksgiving, let my heart beat with gladness and joy.

To see myself with new eyes, to see others from a new perspective, to see life as a gift to cherish and celebrate –  to have a happy heart.

I will see with my heart.

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A hidden heart

We lived in a remote area away from family and friends when we had our first child. I struggled learning how to be a wife and a mother without family support while my husband worked shift work.

There was a fabulous Child Health nurse who held a weekly morning tea for new mums. It was the only social event I attended for months. She would make us sandwiches and sweets, hold the babies, chat with us and would always ask “what have you done for yourself this week?”

At that stage, my greatest accomplishment was having a shower and getting to her weekly morning teas but I couldn’t let the others know that – they were all capable, accomplished mothers with perfect children so I hid my heart.

Have you noticed how often people hide their feelings, their pain, their struggles?

Why do we do that?  What does it accomplish aside from isolating us from those who might be able to help?

It took the birth of our second child  two and half years later to highlight the postnatal depression cloud I had been living under. I hid my heart, my struggles, my insecurities. I mistakenly thought it was just me. Everyone else coped with being a new mum, adjusting to parenthood and I was left behind.

It was a lie. I was not alone. I was not a bad mother. When the struggle in my heart was revealed, my world changed. As I learnt about myself and my child, parenthood became manageable and eventually a joy.

Now, when I see the hearts of new mums, I recognise some of my own insecurities. I offer words of encouragement, take time to make them sandwiches and sweets, hold the baby and ask ‘”what have you done for yourself this week?” I also see their hearts when they can’t answer, and I know how to answer that call too.

I will see with my heart.

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A fearful heart

Fear takes hold of my heart and stops me from living.

Do you ever feel that way?

I’ve been afraid of what others might think.

I’ve been afraid of what others would say.

I’ve been afraid of how others will react.

Fear can make me stop, stand still, never start.

And then I’m afraid of what I will think, of what I will say, of how I will react if I my heart continues to live a life of hesitation, fear and regret.

Jon Acuff’s book START and a group called 30 Days of Hustle helped me to define the passion in my heart, START to overcome the fear, START to dare to dream, START to dare to live a life with purpose, START to dare to move forward.

I am slowly overcoming the fears that I have lived with for so long.

I DARE you to START.

I will see with my heart.